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  • May 4, 2011


10 Big Brand Websites That Break on the iPad

Many brands have been caught off guard by the meteoric rise of the tablet’s popularity since Apple released the iPad. This new device category has single-handedly demolished the netbook and is starting to take big bites out of desktop and laptop sales.

Some quick numbers about the iPad based on a survey by Seven:

  • Use of desktop computers is down for 35% iPad owners since they bought the device
  • Use of laptops is down 39% since they bought an iPad
  • 87% of owners are using it every day of the week

And tablets aren’t just fancy e-readers – the actual usage is very different:

  • 53% entertainment
  • 29% researching products and services
  • 25% reading books
  • 19% shopping

This has serious implications for e-commerce sites, many of which are optimized only for desktop and laptop viewing. A clear indicator of that is how badly websites of major brands break when viewed on tablets and other mobile devices.

A rogues gallery of 10 sites we found that break on the iPad – from Louis Vuitton to the NBA:




MGM Grand in Las Vegas


Cheesecake Factory

News Corporation

McKinsey & Co


Six Flags




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