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  • Nov 30, 2010


5 Reasons Japanese People Spend Money Online

I recently came across this article (Japanese) analyzing some of the reasons Japanese people spend money online. The author of the article explains that there are five major categories that motivate them to spend on online goods and services–some maybe cross-culturally common.

1. To buy tangible items

It’s simple and straightforward. In order to buy items on an e-commerce site, you need to pay. There is no doubt about it.
Example sites: Amazon, Rakuten, etc.

2. Services that make you money

This type could be considered more as  an “investment” for larger returns.
Example sites: ebay, etsy, etc.

3. Tools that make your life easier

You could save time and hustle by paying for these type of services.
Example sites: evernote, dropbox, etc.

4. Platforms help creators works

Designers and developers are willing to pay some amount of money for something that would help them create and present themselves better to general public.
Example sites: flickr, Coroflot, etc.

5. Just to kill your time

Amazingly, more people spend whole a lot of money than you may think on these type of services–to spend time for fun and entertainment.
Example sites: Social Games, Virtual Items.

Overall, I believe there is not much difference in how people spend money online in Japan or even here in the U.S-maybe in order or degree. That means, at the same time, there is a universal truth of human behavior shall be applied to both people.


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