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  • Jun 27, 2010

Work Experience @ btrax – A Chinese Perspective

My name is Jennifer Wang and originally came from China. I work at btrax in Chinese Business Development . Before I had this position, I have had work experience as HelpDesk Technical Assistant at Classroom Technology Services and as well as President of Student Government Association at my university.

I came to the U.S two years ago as an international student to pursue a MBA with a concentration on Marketing.

The first time that I walked into btrax office was a very sunny afternoons two months ago.  I remember I was getting really nervous for the interview so I came one hour early and stayed in the coffee store reading my resume again and again.  The interview went well.   Everyone was surprised that I brought a small gift which I believed left a nice impression to people and as a  result  I have been working at btrax.

I started working in btrax around April this year, so far I enjoy my life here at work everyday because of a few reasons.

First of all, I work with a group of amazing employees. They are all working professionals and willing to teach and share their knowledge with me. I feel I am so lucky that have chance to work with such great people.

Second, the company culture has a lot of diversity in culture and gender.  We have staff from all different countries (Japan, China, Thailand, and the United States) and we have a good mix of gender as well.

The reason why I like working in btrax the most of all is I am learning how an entrepreneurial US business operates in a multi-cultural environment.  Since I work with a multi-culture team, we always come out with different and creative ideas.  These contrasting ideas are really helpful for the managers to make the correct judgment.

As a Chinese Business Development person at btrax, I am responsible for all the communication with current and potential Chinese clients.  I am enjoying the process of having conversation with clients and helping them to get as much as information that they want before they make final decision. This whole process for me is very interesting and sometimes is challenge as well. However, understanding what the customers’ needs and helping them to better communicate with our designers is my number one priority.

I really enjoy the time that I having in btrax, everyday for me is full of energy and challenge. I have learned communication skills, software knowledge and operations management from my every day-to-day work with our team.

The time that I am spending in btrax has been the best work experience of my life.


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