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  • Jun 25, 2010

Japan Internet Tech Entrepreneur Event in San Francisco – Meet the Rising Sun

August 23, 2010
btrax, Inc.
San Francisco, California, USA

Meet the Rising Sun

A first of its kind event is being held in San Francisco featuring Japanese Entrepreneurs on October 13, 2010.  This event named SFNewTech Japan Night is the vision of Brandon K. Hill, President/CEO of btrax, Inc – a San Francisco based digital consultancy agency.  “I wanted to help Japanese Entrepreneurs extend their market outside of Japan and broaden their market reach.  It is important for Japanese companies to have this kind of forum here in the US.  I have attended many SFNewTech events and decided to approach the organizers to collaborate on this event.  I am very happy to help partner with SFNewTech on this event-SFNewTech Japan Night” said Brandon K. Hill.

About six or so Internet venture companies from Japan will be presenting and discussing their web/mobile services or hardware in front of over 500 people. Which include venture capitalists, investors, entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts.  So far, the event has selected GazoPa (Similar to an Image Search Engine), Lang-8 (Social networking service for language exchange), MyGengo (Social Translation Service) as participants.

There is a screening process for the prospective participants until the end of August. Here are some of the selection criteria:

  • Visual impact – Will the product presentation captivate the audience?
  • Utility – Will it be useful in the marketplace?
  • Overseas expansion – Is the company expanding outside of Japan?
  • Originality – Is the product unique?
  • Japanese cultural feel – Is there a Japanese cultural feel to the product?

This event will be broadcasted live by, and updated in real-time from the audience by tweeting out messages from the event using the hash tag #sfjn or #sfnewtech. Media coverage includes NY Times and Mashable.

We are looking for sponsors to help these entrepreneurs offset some of their costs.  If you are willing to sponsor please contact us.
SFNewTech Japan Night is going to be a great chance for Japanese companies that want to expand their business abroad, to gain the necessary visibility in our local tech community. Why don’t you mark your calendar and join us?

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