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  • Mar 24, 2010


Top 10 Japanese Social Media Sites

Top 10 Japanese Social Media Sites

Following up on our blog post about Japan’s Top Ten Websites (by overall traffic), we wanted to highlight some important alternative rankings for hot sites that illuminate the direction Japanese audiences are heading towards.

Naturally, Alexa is not the last word in ranking what sites are the most popular, given the complex variables at play. Nielsen’s Net Ratings found  interesting results for Top 10 Most Popular SNS Websites in Japan, published on CNET Japan:

1. – 21. 2 million users
2. (blog platform) – 18.6 million users
3. @nifty homepage (portal similar to Yahoo) – 16 million users
4. OCN (portal similar to Yahoo) – 13.7 million users
5. Seesaa (blog platform) – 13.1 million users
6. (Yahoo’s blog platform) – 13 million users
7. Infoseek isweb (website creator service) – 12.3 million users
8. @nifty kokorogu (blog platform) – 12.2 million users
9. 2channel (anonymous forum site) -  11.8 million users
10. Hatena (photo album, diary and social bookmarking site) – 11.7 million users

In this ranking Mixi surprisingly falls out of the top 10, notching only 15% of the SNS users while Ameblo and Livedoor reach more than 30% of users. Even Hatena has nearly 20%. This reinforces Japan’s reputation as being the world’s top blogging culture.

By comparison,  about 62% of internet users in Korea uses Cyworld and about 56% of internet users in the U.S. and Australia uses Facebook. So it is possible for the most popular sites to capture more than half of all Internet users in a whole country, although Japan has not reached that point yet.


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